My journey to becoming an artisan....

I started my business in 2011 with the hope of working from home and creating my passion. Helping others through art whether its a wedding and baby shower that is a happy event. Or a memorial that helps someone. I really love what I do. When I first started creating things, my grandparents had died. I created a memorial card for my grandmother. Which was a huge hit with everyone at the memorial. But I felt like I could do better. When my grandfather died six months later, I created mint books because you'd never find him without a mint in his pocket. As well as memorial cards and candles. For everyone to have something to remember him by.

Then my sister got engaged and I created her wedding invitations, her favors and all those things for her wedding. Then when she was expected, I made baby bars, mint diaper books, Hershey kisses, minis and other items for the shower. Including a diaper cake, a "big" baby bottle and other gifts. Including my baby time capsule. As my niece has grown I have made items for her.

So I really love doing this and by starting with my family, I learned what works and what doesn't. I learned what people love and want to order. And each item I create, I hope they feel the love that I put into it. Because I truly care about your event. I'm thrilled if you are having a baby. I'm thrilled if I can help make your child's birthday special or your wedding special. I continue to add new items to my line all the time and learn new things.

I'm also honored when you trust me with memorial items. I know its a difficult time and you want something special.

I also enjoy working with businesses to create unique items for their business. Whether they use them to promote and advertise their business. Or to say thank you for staying with us. Its an honor.

When I'm not working, I love being with my family and doing fun things.

Someone once said in a press release "Her life all wrapped up" Just like all my wrapped items. So I like to think that's my story.

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