My nieces are totally into Unicorns! And you know what? I was too when I was a little girl! I've kind of outgrown it although I still have some of my unicorn nicknacks that my mom gave me. Those are special!! 

So if you have to plan a unicorn party this year or you want something special for the kids when they are home from school, here is a cool recipe I found on pinterest for all the unicorn lovers!! 

I'll be adding more unicorn items to my shop (and hey, if there's something you'd like to see, let me know and I'll keep adding new things. Water bottles? T shirts? Let me know). For now I have unicorn necklaces.

But here is the unicorn ice cream recipe:

Maybe I'm inspired because its 55 degrees in Febraury here in Syracuse! And I wish it would stay, but soon spring and summer will be here! So my sister and I are already planning June and July birthdays for my nieces. One already wants a Cheetah party and the other one still isn't sure. But she's just turning three. Who knows what she will pick? Last year was Elmo and that was FUN!