I know its after the new year, but I believe its never too late to say Happy New Year (well at least in January!). 

I want to say how much everyone filled my heart with appreciation and love during the holidays. They get super crazy plus the sadness of having missing family members at this time of year. But when I get your amazing notes, reviews and letters. That makes me realize that what I'm doing DOES make a difference. It keeps me going on the crazy days. It keeps me going every day during the year!

So a HUGE thank you to all my customers! YOU are amazing! YOU are why I do this! Not for the money or to run a business, but because if I can make a difference to one person, then its worth it! I LOVE what I do, and each of you makes me love it even more!

As 2019 starts, I want to hold onto this love and appreciation I feel. I mean it, it truly is an honor when you trust me with your memories and picture and stories. From the memorial oranaments to the baby showers. When you trust me, I take it seriously. 

Happy New Year. May it be amazing and mysterious all at once. May you find a new journey. 

And though I hope you won't need more memorials, I do love honoring your family, both furry and human. I love the events too. I look forward to working with you again!